Disability Research on Independent Living & Learning (DRILL)


DRILL in Wales: The Impact so Far

3rd July 2020
Jody Mellor reflects on the learning for Wales, as the DRILL project begins to draw to a close, and introduces a series of webinars to share some key learning from the projects. Historically, research on disability has rarely included people with lived experience. Disabled people have been excluded from participating in research about our own lives. Complex statistics ...

Energy impairment and disability inclusion – report by the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

28th April 2020
Catherine Hale If you ask someone living with a debilitating chronic illness if they consider themselves to be disabled, you often get a “yes but, no but” kind of reply. If you dig deeper, you may find their ambivalence is not so much because they see disability in negative terms. It’s often because they don’t feel entitled to the status of ...

Why are disabled people seemingly unexpected in the legal profession and what can we do to create a culture of inclusion and access?

18th February 2020
Natasha Hirst from the Legally Disabled project reflects on the findings of the project, and last month’s conference, about disabled people working in the legal profession.

Blog: Looking at the effectiveness of Accessibility Plans in secondary schools

23rd January 2020
DRILL has published the research carried out by the Alliance for Inclusive Education (Allfie) into the effectiveness of Accessibility Plans in secondary schools. Dr Armineh Soorenian, who carried out the research, tells us about what she found and some of the stories she heard. I travelled across England and conducted 12 focus groups consisting of Disabled ...

DRILL is a Four Nation Research Project which delivers the world's first major research programme led by disabled people.

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'Please ensure that videos are subtitled and has audio for any text that only appears on screen. For audio only please provide a transcript.'

This is just one of the tips in our new blog post where we talk through how to make information more accessible.

The @ALLFIEUK @drill_uk funded report into Accessibility Plans hopes to re-energise current debates around inclusive eduction and provide Disabled learners and their families with the understanding needed to challenge inadequate Accessibility Plans. http://bit.ly/2RjKKjf

Accessibility Plans can be a driver for positive change, but only when used effectively. @ALLFIEUK @drill_uk funded report isn't just about raising awareness about current disabling school practices but also about fuelling change. Read the full report here http://bit.ly/2RjKKjf

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