Disability Research on Independent Living & Learning (DRILL)


Blog: Disabled researchers are a challenge to Higher Eduction sector

28th November 2019
In academic studies involving disabled people, all researchers are equal but some – it seems – are more equal than others. Disabled peer researchers involved in projects have reported that their lived experience is not fully appreciated and that they sometimes felt like an inferior bolt-on – even though the projects were funded by a user-led ...

Blog: Supporting people with learning disabilities to have positive sexual relationships

18th September 2019
People with learning disabilities want to love and be loved. This is simply stating the obvious, and we shouldn’t need research to tell us this. However, the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) has been working in partnership with My Life My Choice to explore exactly this topic. We have been researching this because self-advocates at My Life My Choice ...

News: “Is it Me?: How do attitudes within the social care system impact up on independent living choices.”

16th August 2019
Darlene Corry from Disability Action NI is talking about her research “Is it Me?: How do attitudes within the social care system impact up on independent living choices.” She is joined by one of the research partners, Paul Rooney from the Northern Ireland Social Care Council. This important piece of research tackles two major issues head ...

“Special or Unique”: A new report from Disability Rights UK and LKMco

2nd August 2019
Education ministers should boost the disability-specific elements of anti-bullying guidelines and personal, social and health education (PSHE), a new report urges today (2nd August 2019). Based on focus groups with 12-14 year old children, the report suggests there is widespread ignorance of disability issues among schoolchildren, even those who have special educational needs or who are ...

DRILL is a Four Nation Research Project which delivers the world's first major research programme led by disabled people.

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Disability Wales, @drill_uk & Prof Foster of @cardiffbusiness are holding a workshop for early career researchers to learn about disability research co-production in a supportive and friendly environment. 31 January.
For info and tickets, follow the link.

For those that missed it, here's the radio prog about people with learning difficulties and sexual relationships https://t.co/YsUBlFODbh. Find out what the research with
@mylifemychoice1 @NdtiResearch showed about the barriers faced & how to overcome them https://t.co/GWEpMYuZLu

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