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Webinar – Mutual Benefits: The Potential of Disabled People as Foster Carers

On 9th November 2020, there will be a webinar to share the findings of the research into the barriers disabled people face in becoming foster carers. This webinar will present findings which include a short video illuminating the key ethical and pragmatic issues in this neglected area of equal opportunities. It is hoped that webinars […]

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Mutual Benefits – The Potential of Disabled People as Foster Carers

There is a huge shortage of foster carers in England. We sought to find out why Disabled people are not being asked to help fill this recruitment gap of 8,500 people. The University of Worcester worked alongside Shaping Our Lives Service User and Disabled Persons’ Network and the Foster Care Co-operative agency to look in-depth […]

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DRILL in Wales: The Impact so Far

Jody Mellor reflects on the learning for Wales, as the DRILL project begins to draw to a close, and introduces a series of webinars to share some key learning from the projects. Historically, research on disability has rarely included people with lived experience. Disabled people have been excluded from participating in research about our own […]

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Energy impairment and disability inclusion – report by the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

Catherine Hale If you ask someone living with a debilitating chronic illness if they consider themselves to be disabled, you often get a “yes but, no but” kind of reply. If you dig deeper, you may find their ambivalence is not so much because they see disability in negative terms. It’s often because they don’t […]

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Why are disabled people seemingly unexpected in the legal profession and what can we do to create a culture of inclusion and access?

Natasha Hirst from the Legally Disabled project reflects on the findings of the project, and last month’s conference, about disabled people working in the legal profession.

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Blog: Looking at the effectiveness of Accessibility Plans in secondary schools

DRILL has published the research carried out by the Alliance for Inclusive Education (Allfie) into the effectiveness of Accessibility Plans in secondary schools. Dr Armineh Soorenian, who carried out the research, tells us about what she found and some of the stories she heard. I travelled across England and conducted 12 focus groups consisting of […]

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Blog: DRILL welcomes Sue Bott as new programme manager

It’s a fascinating time to be joining DRILL as the new programme manager. The ambition was to develop and implement a project which would make a real and practical difference to disabled people’s lives, both now and in the future. The programme has produced a broad range of reports and toolkits which will benefit disabled […]

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Blog: Disabled researchers are a challenge to Higher Eduction sector

In academic studies involving disabled people, all researchers are equal but some – it seems – are more equal than others.

Disabled peer researchers involved in projects have reported that their lived experience is not fully appreciated and that they sometimes felt like an inferior bolt-on – even though the projects were funded by a user-led programme.

Those feelings emerged from a study funded and written as part of the DRILL programme.

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