Drill Tenders

DRILL is commissioning 2 tenders. The titles of these are:

1. Getting Our Voices Heard

2. Including Missing Voices

The Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the commissions are found at www.gov.uk/contracts-finder

All information is contained within the above links; however should you have any further questions, please email [email protected]

DRILL will extend the window for questions until the 9 October 2018 (12 noon).

Questions & answers will be published below anonymously.


Questions & Answers

Getting Our Voices Heard 

Question 1 (received 14/09/18)
Can you provide any guidance on the number of DPOs that should be included in the sample?

DRILL Response
The DRILL Programme is not being specific about the number of DPOs that should be included in the sample. The DRILL Programme covers all of the UK and therefore would like to see the inclusion of DPOs from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.In deciding the number to be included in the sample the tender should consider the DRILL aim of coproduction and the value and duration of the contract.

Question 2 (received 14/09/18)
In relation to stage 2, can you provide any further guidance on the extent of action plan implementation expected during the project lifetime?

DRILL Response
DRILL provides an Indicative Timetable on pages 17 and 18 of the ITT. It is indicated that within 45 weeks of the contract start date we anticipate Stage 2 to be completed.

DRILL recognises that the extent of any action plan implementation will be limited within the project lifetime. Therefore, it is important for tenders to consider how the work will be sustained beyond completion of the project, as far as practically possible.

Question 3  (received 14/09/18)
Can you share any further points of clarification provided to other potential bidders?

DRILL Response
Disability Action will publish all questions raised and all responses on the DRILL website without disclosing the source of the enquiry. No other points of clarification have been sought by other potential bidders at the time of posting this response.

Getting Our Voices Heard and Including Missing Voices

Question 1 (received 17/09/18)

The tender asks for £5m PII insurance. We currently hold £1m, which is fairly standard. Is it acceptable to commit to extending our insurance if successful rather than buying this now?

DRILL Response

It is a PASS/FAIL criteria that bidders must have Certificates of Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance at a minimum cover of £5mill for each. This must be in place prior to any bid being submitted or the bid will fail.

Question 2 (received 17/09/18)

Can I confirm that the research per se is likely to be outside of the scope for VAT?

DRILL Response

As this is a commissioning process and not a grant making process it is unlikely that the research work falls outside of the scope of VAT.

Question 3 (received 17/09/18)

In order to take a four nation approach, is it expected that partner organisations will have national reach within their nation?

DRILL Response

It is not mandatory for partner organisations to have national reach within their nation. DRILL does not want to be specific as to how a tender takes a four nations approach.

Question 4 (received 17/09/18)

These are initial questions and there are likely to be more as the bid progresses. Will you consider extending the window for questions, as it is extremely short? (Most tenders we have participated in allow for questions up until about a week before the closing date.)

DRILL Response

DRILL will extend the window for questions until the 9 October 2018 (12 noon).