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News: The Disability Talk Show

University of Atypical, 109-113 Royal Avenue 27th March: 6.00pm – 7.00pm   Disabled people with attitudes talking about the attitudes towards them. A talk show of a different kind, where the Others talk about their Othering. We are a group of disabled people hosting a talk show on attitudes and independent living. The conversation stems […]

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Blog: Barod ready to work

What do you call a researcher with learning disabilities? Most people call them a ‘co-researcher’. We think that’s OK as long everyone doing the research is called a co-researcher. But if you have ‘the researcher’ working with ‘the co-researcher’, it’s like saying only one of them is a real researcher. We often hear people talking […]

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News: Recruitment

DISABILITY ACTION One in five people in Northern Ireland have a disability.  Disability Action believes in human rights for all and works to promote, protect and uphold the human rights of people with disabilities.  We are a Northern Ireland wide pan disability organisation working with disabled people with various disabilities; physical, mental, sensory, learning and […]

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