Webinar – Mutual Benefits: The Potential of Disabled People as Foster Carers

Webinar on the potential of disabled people as foster carers

On 9th November 2020, there will be a webinar to share the findings of the research into the barriers disabled people face in becoming foster carers.

This webinar will present findings which include a short video illuminating the key ethical and pragmatic issues in this neglected area of equal opportunities.

It is hoped that webinars such as this ExChange initiative will help disseminate the project’s findings across the UK . Highlighting success stories such as Alison’s and Jon’s should encourage both fostering agencies and Disabled people to embrace the great potential in Disabled people as foster carers. The University of Worcester is seeking new funding to continue the project, has been commissioned by national fostering body, CoramBAAF, to write a practice guide on Disabled foster carers and plans to offer training for foster agencies in this neglected area.

Presenters: Dr Peter Unwin, University of Worcester and Becki Meakin, Shaping Our Lives

Sign up: You can sign up for the free webinar here: https://bit.ly/3iWoYgb

Find out more about this ground-breaking project. Mutual Benefits: The potential of disabled people as foster carers

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