Rate it! Consumer product reviews by disabled people

The 2 year pilot project will be coproduced by 3 disability led organisations – Research Institute for Consumer Affairs (RICA), Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living (LCiL) and Enabled by Design.  Which? will advise the project.

The product review website will:

  • Assist disabled consumers to make informed choices about products that support their independent living – the project aims to reach 500,000 disabled users
  • Build greater industry awareness of the disabled consumer market – reviews will serve to build retailer and manufacturers’ understanding of disabled customers’ needs and experiences.

There is no well-established, pan-disability UK review website dedicated to both mainstream and specialist disability related products.

The Extra Costs Commission final report identified that:

‘49% of disabled people feel they only have some of the information they want when buying online or in-store’

‘Over 90% favour the idea of an online community where disabled people could share reviews’

‘Rate it!’ will benefit disabled people from a wide range of physical or mental impairments or long-term health conditions. The pilot project will be peer reviewed by 3 disability led organisations – Scope, Business Disability Forum and AbilityNet.