Examining the barriers faced by autistic people

All of the individuals involved in this project are autistic people, including Glasgow University, the researchers, students and the project advisory group.  The partners believe that this is a first in research.

The project investigates:

  • the barriers to participation, stereotypes and misconceptions about autistic people
  • the strategies used by autistic people in overcoming these barriers
  • the strengths and strategies of autistic people and how best to use them to increase independent living and promote full participation

The research evidence is strengthened by collection across Scotland and England, allowing for comparative analysis.  The participation of decision makers, including the NHS Trusts, allows for wide dissemination to organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions, Autistic UK, Autistic Glasgow and the National Autistic Society.

Examining the barriers faced by autistic people by producing robust evidence which is used to influence strategies, interventions and provision of services to autistic people.