Coproduction in disability research: developing future strategies

About the research

Wales’ research project will be a qualitative study exploring the benefits and challenges associated in working with peer researchers. Specifically, we set out to answer the following research question: “What has DRILL learned about working with peer researchers through the work of DRILL-funded projects?”

The project will provide an opportunity to build on the findings and networks established through DRILL. Using DRILL funded projects as case-studies, we aim to analyse the barriers and possible solutions to working with peer researchers.

We will pay particular attention to language used, by critically analysing the term ‘peer researcher’ and if appropriate, will explore and recommend terminology more suited to the philosophy of coproduced research.

This project will be contributing towards the development of approaches to working with peer researchers within and outside of academia. In doing so, the project will help to strengthen and sustain the independent living movement, more broadly.

About out Privacy Policy

The Wales section of the DRILL 4 Nations Project is carried out by Disability Wales. Therefore, the research team for the project follows the obligations to protect the data of all people interacting with the project as spelled out in the Disability Wales Privacy Policy, which can be viewed on request.