News: Platinum Training Institute proud to be a partner on the ‘Empowering people through physical activity’ project

Platinum Training Institute, a training provider in Northern Ireland that helps people pursue their career in health and fitness, is excited to be a partner on the project, ‘Empowering people through physical activity.’  The project which funded by DRILL, is led by the Mental Health Foundation along with various partners including Queen’s University Belfast, Praxis Care and Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke.  It is a pilot study which aims to design and develop a physical activity intervention in Northern Ireland, for people with serious mental health problems with co-production at its heart.


Platinum Training Institute’s role in the study is integral.  A selection of personal trainers from Platinum Training Institute, all of whom have extensive experience working with people with mental health problems, will work directly with participants to get to know participants and understand what they want from an intervention.  Participant discussion and feedback at co-production workshops will be used by Platinum Training Institute to inform the design and delivery of the physical activity programme.  Personal trainers will take a client-centred approach, and their professional experience will allow them to appropriately monitor and adapt activity sessions with clients accordingly, giving them the best chance to succeed.


Lee Havern, founder of Platinum Training Institute has said: ‘I strongly believe that engaging in physical activity can have a range of benefits for people with mental health problems, however it is important that the exercise professional has an understanding and knowledge of how to work with clients with mental health conditions.  Our course, ‘Physical Activity for Adults with Mental Health Conditions’, equips personal trainers with the relevant skills and expertise to work with this population group.  We are excited to work on this exciting and important project and its values are very aligned with those of Platinum Training Institute.’

Please click the link for further information about the project Empowering people through physical activity

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