National Advisory Group Wales members


The following people sit on the DRILL National Advisory Group (NAG) in Wales:

Nick Andrews                       

Research and Practice Development Officer, Swansea University

Abu Askira                             

Business Support Officer, Care Council for Wales    

Dr Andrew Dunning              

Senior Lecturer, Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences, Swansea University

(Felix) Cunqiuang Shi           

PhD student, Cardiff University

Prof Debbie Foster               

Professor, Employment Relations and Chair of Research Ethics, Cardiff University

Viv Leach                              

Moncare Co-operative Coordinator

Prof Mark Llewellyn                

Director, Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care, University of South Wales

Joe Powell                             

Director, All Wales People First

Josie Powell                          

Postgraduate student (social work)

Dr. Donna Reeve                  

Independent researcher

Vin West MBE                       

Chair, Arfon Access Group   

Member of the Coalition on Charging Cymru

Co-Chair of the Wales Alliance for Citizen Directed Support