Project Theme: Participating in the economy

There are different ways that people participate in the economy. Unfortunately there can also be lots of barriers that get in disabled people’s way.  For disabled people to participate equally in economic activities they need access to the right education and training for the current and future job market, to career opportunities, and opportunities for self-employment and to set up new businesses.  Disabled people need employers who recognise what they can do and that they have the experience and qualities needed by businesses.  There can be different, but equally good ways of doing a job.

As consumers, they need to be able to get into shops and be treated appropriately as customers and access to on-line shopping.  They should have choice about the goods and services we need to achieve independent living.

Within the theme of participating in the economy DRILL is particularly interested in solutions that:

  • support more disabled people to be self – employed
  • support more disabled people to set up and run social enterprises
  • close the employment and pay gaps between disabled people and non – disabled people, including approaches that encourages employers to change their practice.