News: The Disability Talk Show

University of Atypical, 109-113 Royal Avenue

27th March: 6.00pm – 7.00pm


Disabled people with attitudes talking about the attitudes towards them.

A talk show of a different kind, where the Others talk about their Othering.

We are a group of disabled people hosting a talk show on attitudes and independent living. The conversation stems from an ongoing research project on how attitudes in the adult social care system can be a barrier or an enhancement to independent living choices. The research is led by disabled people and focuses on lived experience.

From a lively discussion on having to eat porridge when you hate it because someone thinks it is best for you; to a heated debate on whether to prioritise having lunch or going to the toilet, we will share with you our stories and experiences of attitudes that you have not heard and are not ready for. We will ask you some intrusive personal questions, but which we are routinely asked in the context of adult social care or the ongoing welfare reform.

This event aims to highlight the voices of disabled people and our everyday mundane, yet creative resistances to stereotypes, intrusion of our personal lives and marginalisation. Attitudes can be a barrier to equality, participation and independence. But attitudes can change and be an enhancement to disabled people’s human rights. It is all about sharing the experience!

This event is part of the Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) and funded by the Big Lottery Fund, with kind support from Disability Action NI and The University of Atypical.

For further information please visit The-Disability-Talk-Show/


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